Environment and Social Justice Group

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We believe that God cares very much how his kingdom values are lived out in our personal and church lives. To care for the dispossessed and the underprivileged and seeking redress where there is exploitation and injustice, we believe is an intrinsic part of our calling. We also seek to tread lightly upon this earth and remind each other that how we live, shop, travel etc. affects the lives of our poorer neighbours elsewhere. We seek to encompass these values in worship and prayer at St. John`s.

Our vision is to play a part in our church`s whole vision, by keeping a watch on issues of an Environmental and Social Justice nature - extending beyond our own parish borders, and throughout the world. We aim to increase awareness by providing information, and aspire to encourage involvement amongst church members in a practical way, where appropriate. Encouragement for each other is a key part of our Vision statement; and `sharing God`s love and bringing the blessings of God`s Kingdom to our world` constitutes a key part of our external focus as a church.

We endeavour to keep ourselves aware of campaign issues from such organisations as Fair Trade, Christian Aid and Tear Fund, and to promote these for action within our fellowship where appropriate. We actively observe Suffering Church Sunday in November, and Environment Sunday in June; and we have taken steps to run our church increasingly in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.


In the subfolders you can access a wealth of information to help you find out more.

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