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St John's has a wide variety of small groups meeting on a regular basis to allow personal spiritual development and teaching to prosper in an appropriate local environment. Weekly teaching from the pulpit typically follows the established lexionary and encourages everyone to develop a deepening love in Christ and to exercise their personal gifts for the benefit of all. 

There are many Christian publications available to support personal study and reflection covering the broad range of Christian traditions. A good place to start is Church House bookshop which can be found at the following web address:- http://www.chbookshop.co.uk/

Scripture Union has a new online experience in using the Bible called WordLive. This can be found at http://www.scriptureunion.org.uk/8.id. This free resource offers a wide range of creative approaches including audio Bible passages, video clips, worship songs and prayer activities. There are daily bible readings with explanatory notes to help too.


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